New Breast Cancer Screening Recommendations: Our Take

When the US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) announced new recommendations for breast cancer screening, it unleashed a firestorm of controversy. Women across the country joined with many cancer organizations to condemn the new recommendations.

Briefly, the updated recommendations for breast cancer screening include the following:

– Delay mammography until women are 50, rather than beginning at age 40, and perform them every two years except in women with specific risks.

– Stop mammography screening in women 75 years and older.

– Discourage home self breast exams.

– Discourage of use of clinic breast exams.

Obviously, breast cancer screening is a very emotional issue. The opinion of the physicians at Nature Cures Clinic is that we both agree and disagree with aspect of the USPSC recommendations. Continue reading “New Breast Cancer Screening Recommendations: Our Take”