Ulcers and Anti-inflammatory Medications

Anti-inflammatory medications are the most commonly used over-the-counter medications in the world. Every day millions and millions of individuals reach for aspirin or ibuprofen to relieve symptoms of inflammation. In addition, prescription anti-inflammatory medications are among the most heavily prescribed drugs in the world.

However, doctors in Australia have discovered that these medications have a more damaging effect on the body than previous known. Using small cameras that were lowered into the stomach of individuals taking anti-inflammatory medications to treat arthritis, they found that they were four times more likely to have ulcers in their stomachs than previous studies had shown.

Anti-inflammatory drugs are in such widespread use because an increasing number of diseases are being recognized as having inflammation as an underlying cause. However, taking medications to stop inflammation in the body does nothing to address why it is that the inflammation is happening in the first place.

Naturopathic medicine treats disease by focusing on one primary goal: find and remove the cause of the symptoms. Inflammation doesn’t occur for no reason. Something causes the inflammation to happen. And as we all know, inflammation leads to symptoms such as pain, heat, and swelling.

While it is occasionally necessary to use medications to keep inflammation from dangerously progressing, it is always wise to keep in mind that medications have their consequences. If the treatment for one disease causes another, then it really isn’t a useful treat and is not advancing the overall health of the patient.

If you or someone you know is suffering from chronic inflammation in the form of pain, stiffness, allergies or other symptoms, schedule a visit with one of the physicians at Nature Cures Clinic. By undertaking a comprehensive treatment program, not only will the inflammation resolve, but your overall health and vitality will be improved.

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