400,000 Die Yearly From Poor Diet and Inactivity

Our conventional medical industry focuses primarily on the use of medications to treat disease. However, a recent article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association points out two major causes death that no medication will ever treat: poor diet and lack of exercise.

These two factors together are rapidly gaining on tobacco use as the single most significant cause of death in the United States. An astounding 400,000 deaths in the year 2000 were attributed to diet and activity level in this study. About half of all deaths could be attributed to these two factors. It is a shame that a trip to a conventional physician does not typically include counseling about these factors.

At Nature Cures Clinic our patients receive extensive counseling about their diet, helping patients achieve and maintain optimum health through a nutrition plan that is tailored specifically to individual needs. In addition, a great deal of time is spent educating patients about the importance of increased activity, and the type of activity more appropriate for each person.

If you are interested receiving a professionally designed nutrition and exercise plan to optimize your health and well-being, send a note to info@naturecuresclinic.com or call 503-287-4970 to schedule an appointment.