Spring Cleanse

Spring is the perfect time to clean things out. Not just in your house, but in your body as well. Join Dr. Andy Swanson and Sara hart, LMT, for their upcoming Spring Cleanse. Sign up by sending a note to Dr. Andy Swanson. And hurry! Only 10 registrants will be allowed.

The cleanse will last for a total of 9 days. Participants will meet on a regular basis to monitor progress, get support and discuss their experience. Cost is $150 for students or current clinic patients, and $200 for non-patients. First meeting takes place at the clinic on Sunday, March 25 at 5pm.

Spring Cleaning

The spring equinox marks the time when light and dark are balanced in our daily cycles. All around us this change in light makes an impact. Seeds begin to sprout, blossoms emerge from the trees, and scents fill the air as the pollen starts to drift, searching for its floral mate. Living a life of balance that mirrors the renewal of springtime is something that we can all experience by connecting with the rhythms of nature. Continue reading “Spring Cleanse”