Seasonal Depression: Nature Cures HealthChat Podcast

In this edition of the HealthChat podcast, Dr. Greg Nigh and Dr. Greg Eckel discuss the naturopathic approach to treating and managing seasonal depression, also called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The discussion looks at internal and external factors as causes and treatments. Click here to listen to the Seasonal Depression podcast.

New Podcasts

We’ve posted two new podcasts in the past few weeks, and they are getting more listeners than any before! One is on the health consequences of gastric bypass surgery, and the most recent podcast questions the relationship between genes and many common diseases.

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Portland Podcast by Naturopath/Acupuncturists Dr. Nigh and Dr. Eckel

If you haven’t checked out the bi-weekly podcast produced by Nature Cures Clinic, you’re missing out on some great information. Every other week or so week Drs. Nigh and Eckel post a new podcast covering important information about health and health politics. They also answer questions submitted by listeners.

The three most recent podcasts, titled “The Menace of Medicine,” offer a scathing analysis of the current health care system and suggest a new way of thinking about health care. Listeners have let us know how much they’ve appreciated such an honest analysis of the health care mess we have today.

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