Soaking your grains, nuts and seeds

If you’ve been to one of our nutrition classes, then you probably know a thing or two about soaking and sprouting. It’s one of the ways we like to show people that it’s not hard to eat well, it just takes a bit of planning.

Maybe right about now you’re thinking, “time? Who has any more of that?”

But we assure you, it won’t hurt that much. Though to help you along, we’ll explain the big benefits of soaking your grains, nuts and seeds.

Those foods contain an element called phytic acid, which fortifies the hulls or shells of raw nuts, seeds, and grains. Phytic acid is nature’s way of providing mildew resistance, allowing the grain to reach maturity and re-germinate instead of rotting due to rain and moisture. Our bodies cannot absorb phytic acid, so our bodies just expel the grains that contain it.

Not only that, but phytic acid can bind to minerals, proteins, and starch — making it difficult for you to absorb these elements.

It is possible to remove the phytic acid, however, by giving your grains a good soak. We recommend soaking your rice, whole grains, nuts, and seeds for at least eight hours before using them. For added health benefits, you can also allow your grains to sprout before consuming them.

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