Preventative Health

Detecting Health Issues and Preventing Disease

Preventing disease and detecting health issues at an early stage is essential to living a healthy life- Have you scheduled your preventative health visits for 2014?

Our purpose at Nature Cures Clinic is to support you in achieving optimal wellness through patient centered care. Preventative health visits are perfect opportunities for us to do that while being ‘pro-active’ in health, rather than ‘reactive’ to disease.
In support of your health, all of us at Nature Cures Clinic are providing recommended preventative health visits per the affordable care act for Women, Children AND Men (did you know men can get preventative health visits too?)

Here are just a few of the preventative health visits we offer (As always, check with your insurance plan to see what visits they cover and the frequency they cover them):

Yearly preventative care visit for adult men & women
Well-woman visits including preconception counseling
Mammography screening (film referral and digital exam) for all adult women
Genetic screening and evaluation for the BRCA breast cancer gene
Cervical cancer screening including Pap smears
Human papillomavirus DNA testing for all women 30 years and older
Breast-feeding support and counseling
Domestic violence screening and counseling
Contraception methods and contraceptive counseling
Sexually transmitted diseases screening including gonorrhea, Chlamydia, syphilis and HIV
HIV counseling and screening for all sexually active women
Sexually transmitted infection counseling for all sexually active women annually
Iron-deficiency anemia, bacteriuria, hepatitis B virus and Rh incompatibility screening in pregnant women
Screening for gestational diabetes
Colorectal cancer screening (including fecal occult blood testing)
Cholesterol and lipid screening
High blood pressure screening
Diabetes screening
Depression screening
Diet and nutrition screening and counseling
Screening and counseling for alcohol or substance abuse, tobacco use, obesity,
Prostate cancer screening for men (age 40 and older)

For a complete list of visits now recommended under the Affordable Care Act, we encourage you to check out our recent blog as well as the website under “prevention and getting care”.

Schedule today for a preventative health visit at 503-287-4970, we look forward to supporting you in health! 

Men’s Health: Don’t put off your visit to the doctor

by Dr. Greg Eckel
Nature Cures Clinic physician

In medical school I was taught that men do not go to the doctor as often as women. That idea is also present in medical literature.

Image courtesy mikebaird -
Image courtesy mikebaird -

Out here in practice, I’d say this tends to be the case as well. The box that has been drawn around men is one that doesn’t allow us to talk about ourselves. We are to be “men.” Unfortunately, being “men” means we tend to wait longer before going in and talking about aches, pains, or other symptoms that our bodies are experiencing. Putting off the visit can be deadly at worst and prolong your suffering.

If you have seen me talk, you know there is nothing “normal” about having a symptom. I’ll encourage you (or your loved one) to take action and come in and talk about it. We offer a complimentary consult for new patients to the practice, to see if we are a good fit and if we think we can help them.

A quick scan of men’s health topics on the internet reveals prostate issues, performance issues (such as erectile dysfunction) and libido concerns. While these are definitely concerns, surely men aren’t that shallow. Thankfully, clinical practice proves otherwise. Men do come to the doctor’s office with a wide array of health concerns. Heart disease, cancer, and accidents are the leading three issues for men that result in death. (CDC, 2006) You can find all sorts of information on our website with particulars on each of these topics.
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