Big Pharma’s unspoken influence on health care and other musings

In a recent NY Times article students at Harvard medical school were surprised at the extent big pharma had on their education.  In recent grades Harvard received an F for failure to disclose the conflicts of interest of their lecturers among other things.  We have discussed this topic in our podcast ‘Nemesis of Medicine‘.  This marriage of the pharma industry and medical education institutions is sadly absent from the current discussion of health care reform.

Journal of American Medical Association Dr. Catherine DeAngelis said, “The influence that the pharmaceutical companies, the for-profits, are having on every aspect of medicine…is so blatant now you’d have to be deaf, blind, and dumb not to see it.”  When seniors argue for prescription rights as if this is true medical reform we are in trouble.  The marketing machine of big pharma masked as health care is the big elephant in the room.  What we have currently in the U.S. is a disease management, symptom based model of care and it’s very expensive.
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