Nature Cures Clinic On TV!

Our clinic was recently featured in three segments on Portland Channel 12 KPTV. If you didn’t catch us on TV, you can check it out at these links:

Part One: IV Therapy and the Treatment of Fatigue

Part Two: Naturopathic Therapies for Cancer Patients

Part Three: Treating Migraines with Naturopathic Therapies

Nutritional IV

Most people think of IVs as something they get in a hospital that’s filled with medications. But there are so many more ways to utilize IV therapy, ways that go far beyond just giving drugs.

At Nature Cures Clinic we use nutritional IV therapy to treat a wide range of diseases and conditions. IVs can be used to treat fatigue, depression and anxiety, lung disease, digestive conditions such as irritable bowel, and even cancer, in addition to literally dozens of other conditions.

IV therapy can also be used to help prepare the body for surgery and to speed recovery after surgery. Assuring adequate nutritional status is crucial in order for the body to heal from traumas of all kinds.

Our fast-paced lives are often filled with stress, poor eating habits, lack of sleep and inadequate exercise. In addition, we are exposed every day to pollutants in our air, our water and our food. Each of these things depletes various nutrients that are needed for full health.

Nutritional IVs are a quick and cost-effective way to replace many of these nutrients, so that people feel better often after just a few sessions.

If you or anyone you know might benefit from nutritional IVs, call our clinic to schedule a consultation with a physician. You can reach us by phone at 503-287-4970 or by email at