Upcoming Talks

Be sure to check out the talks that are coming up, listed under our events calendar. In addition to Dr. Eckel’s talks on treating gastrointestinal disease, Dr. Rose Paisley has just set up a series of talks at the Culinary Arts Institute. Click the talk title to the left to get the full description.

This series will be the first of many collaborations with the Culinary Arts Institute. Rather than simply presenting information about health and disease, Dr. Paisley will talk extensively about exactly what to shop for, as well as many simple recipes for health-conscious people with little time or experience making healthy meals.

Even better, each class will feature a chef from the Culinary Arts Institute there to prepare the meals right in front of you, so you can not only see how easy it is, but taste how delicious it is, too.

This is a great opportunity to learn now skills for cooking quick and simple meals that support your health. Don’t miss out!