Smoking Takes 10 Years Off Lifespan

In a study that has lasted for 50 years, those who smoke throughout their life will die an average of a decade earlier than their non-smoking peers. Of course it has been known a long time that smoking has a host of negative health consequences, but never has a study been carried out for so long.

There are some other important findings in this study:

* Those who quit smoking by age 50 will reduce their risk of early death by half
* Those who quit smoking by age 30 live as long as their non-smoking peers

In addition to lung cancer, this 50-year study found 25 other diseases that are very significantly increased in smokers.

Smoking is not an easy habit to break. Many individuals try unsuccessfully for years to quit. At Nature Cures Clinic we use many therapies to help smokers break the habit for good, including nutrition counseling, acupuncture, hypnosis, supplements and others.

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