Green Tea Extract and Cardiovascular Disease

Imagine the size of the headlines if a pharmaceutical were found to reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, lower LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, and enhance the body’s antioxidant capacity. Now imagine that this new drug can work in as little as three week. It would be the most prescribed drug on the market.

Well, you don’t have to go to your doctor to get this magic medication. A recent study has found that green tea extract has all these benefits. And with cardiovascular disease as the number one killer in the country, news like this could dramatically reduce the number of people dying of this disease. Continue reading “Green Tea Extract and Cardiovascular Disease”

A Better Way to Lower Blood Pressure

The standard therapy for the tens of millions of Americans diagnosed with high blood pressure is medication. Of the many types of anti-hypertensive medications available, diuretics are the oldest and the most effective.

A team of researchers at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis has “discovered” what naturopathic physicians have been counseling their patients about for decades: mild-to-moderate endurance exercise is as effective as diuretics at lowering high blood pressure. Unlike the individuals taking the diuretics in this study, those subjects who engaged in exercise got the benefit of their overall health improving.

While medications can often make a particular symptom lessen, there is no medication that can enhance vitality and general health like regular exercise. The physicians at Nature Cures Clinic work to develop treatment plans that incorporate regular exercise, in addition to appropriate diet and nutritional therapies to optimize health. Call the clinic at 503-287-4970 or email to schedule your health consultation.