The Burden of Recurring Sinusitis and Bronchitis

In a survey conducted of 606 self-identified sufferers of recurring sinusitis and bronchitis, nearly half of them had missed at least one day of work due to one of these illnesses, and a quarter of them had missed three or more days of work. In addition to over $6 billion being spent annually to treat sinusitis, additional billions are lost through work absence.

The medical doctors who conducted this survey note that it is important to treat these conditions appropriately, and that antibiotics should only be used to treat sinusitis or bronchitis that is caused by bacteria, not viruses. However, there is another option for treatment, one that offers much greater benefits than antibiotics. Continue reading “The Burden of Recurring Sinusitis and Bronchitis”

Antibiotics and Heart Disease

Several months ago it was discovered that lifetime consumption of antibiotics by women increased the overall risk of developing breast cancer. Now a team of researchers at Vanderbuilt University School of Medicine have found yet another very significant reason to be cautious with antibiotic use.

After studying nearly 1500 people, they found that consumption of the common antibiotic erythromycin doubled the risk of suffering a fatal heart attack. Even more strikingly, when erythromycin was taken in combination with any of several other common medications, the risk of dying from a heart attack increased fivefold.

One of the drugs that caused the deadly combination with erythromycin is verapamil, commonly prescribed to treat everything from high blood pressure to migraines, panic attacks and depression. Continue reading “Antibiotics and Heart Disease”