What the Health?! with Dr. Greg Eckel


WTH?!? 87 Break Free from Chronic Pain to Achieve High Performance with Dr. Ryan Wohlfert

In this episode, Dr. Wohlfert will address the following:
How the stress response creates chronic pain
How big of a problem is chronic pain especially in America
What other physical and mental conditions are linked to chronic pain
What people in chronic pain are doing to “fix” their pain… but is HIGHLY INEFFECTIVE
How to attack chronic pain from a physical, chemical, and mindset level
How the brain and neurology play a role in chronic pain, and vice versa

Dr. Ryan Wohlfert has helped thousands of people upgrade their health, energy, and performance in his multiple wellness, chiropractic, and nutrition clinics, and also online. He also co-created the “Superhuman Brain Masterclass” and “The Leaky Brain Summit,” reaching over 100,000 people worldwide. In these virtual events, Dr. Ryan brought together the world's top neuroscientists, brain researchers and doctors to share solutions for brain health, performance and longevity.
He is an EYL Certified Mindset Specialist, Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician with specialized training as a Strength & Conditioning Specialist, and CBP Certified Doctor (standing for Chiropractic BioPhysics®) who looks to spinal rehab and postural correction to address chronic pain, disease, and organ dysfunction. CBP® is the most researched, advanced, and results-oriented chiropractic technique. With his vast education and clinical experience, Dr. Ryan is helping people break-free from dependence on pain care systems, go from pain to performance, and be our own guarantee!

Facebook: @drwohlfert

WTH?!? 86 Infrared Saunas for Longevity, revitalization, and reducing inflammation with Phillip Wilson

Phillip explains all the benefits of far infrared light saunas
Infrared energy resonates with your water molecules, creating an increase in core body temperature by getting the water molecules and human organic cells to pulsate.
Mobilizes lymphatic system, increases micro-circulation, activates the parasympathetic nervous system, and stimulates mitochondria to create ATP and nitric oxide and essentially revitalization of the body.

Phil Wilson got involved in fasting, herbs, and whole foods in 1971. He opened up a natural products distributing company and health food store in 1980. In 2001, Phil started using and promoting far infrared saunas. After 19 years of putting over 100,000 people in the Relax Far infrared sauna, and using an infrared sauna almost every morning for 19 years, Phil has amassed a great deal of knowledge, wisdom and experience about the miraculous healing light benefits that far infrared energy produces in terms of detoxifying the body, mobilizing the lymph, increasing micro-circulation, giving a deep profound sense of relaxation, and energizing and revitalizing the human body to have greater performance, endurance, recovery and mental clarity.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RelaxSauna
Relax Saunas: https://www.relaxsaunas.com/?wref=naturecures

WTH?!? 85 Movement and Brain Health with Terry Hodgkinson

Terry will discuss:
-How exercise can improve brain health
-How strategic movement increases brain plasticity
-How the practice of mindfulness helps with brain health


Terry J. Hodgkinson C.H. MPNLP. C.R.M.T.
Master Canadian distributor and multiple meditation program contributor for BrainTap Technologies – www.BrainTapAdvantage.com
Founder and master educator at Chung Fu Martial Arts Meditation www.ChungFuMartialArts.com
Wellness centre owner in Toronto, Canada. – www.PositiveChangesEtobicoke.com
International Personal Development Spiritual Retreat Leader in India, China and Indonesia – www.TaoJourneys.com
Having lived a monk’s lifestyle early on in life, Terry mastered his traditional martial arts style at an early age before venturing on and training in multiple martial and healing arts, as he traveled around the world.
Terry is a certified Master Reiki Trainer, Mindfulness Master life Coach, Master Hypnotherapy and NLP Trainer, Medical Qigong Tai Chi Teacher, and is Master Educator in Chung Fu Martial Arts Meditation System, which he founded from his 40 years of training experience.
Currently offering yearly meditative retreats to Wudang Mountain, China, Rishikesh, India, and Bali, Indonesia. Assisting people to take that inward journey as we travel and explore outward adventures in some of the most amazing and vibrant destinations in the world.
Terry takes great pleasure in making himself available as a guest teacher on other people's retreats. Just reach out and contact me.


EP 84: WTH?!? Reversing Thyroid Disease with Dr. Alan Christianson

Dr. Christianson will explain why thyroid function matters for brain health and
when can thyroid disease be reversed. He will also discuss the role that iodine plays

Dr. Alan Christianson is a Board Certified Naturopathic Endocrinologist who focuses on Thyroid care. He is a New York Times bestselling author whose recent titles include The Thyroid Reset Diet.
Dr. Christianson has been featured on countless media appearances including Dr. Oz, The Doctors, and The Today Show. He is the founding president behind the Endocrine Association of Naturopathic Physicians and the American College of Thyroidology.

Dr. C Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrAlanChristianson/
Dr. C Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dralanchristianson/
Dr. C Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/alannmd/
Dr. C YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Alannmd

EP 83: WTH ?!? How Light, Sound and Vibration Affect Brain Health with Patrick Porter, PhD

How some of the world’s leading biohackers are using light, sound, and vibration to recover faster and use more of their brain’s potential.
Find out how stress negatively hacks your DNA and how brain-based biohacking breaks the cycle

Dr. Patrick K. Porter, PhD, is an award-winning author/speaker and the founder of BrainTap®, the leader in enhanced meditation. Dr. Porter pioneered the use of brainwave entrainment to improve clarity, sleep & energy, and remains at the forefront of scientific research. He founded BrainTap with the goal of making this technology accessible to everyone. BrainTap offers over 1000 original audio sessions in 12 languages and serves a worldwide user base with its mobile app and headset. Dr. Porter has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, People, Entrepreneur, INC and on ABC, NBC, CBS as an expert in brain health & wellness, and in 2020, Dr. Porter received the IAFNR lifetime achievement award.

Insta: @braintaptech
FB: @braintaptech
Website: braintap.pro

EP 82: WTH ?!? Molecular hydrogen to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation featuring Paul Baratierro

Paul will discuss how molecular hydrogen (H2) reduces oxidative stress and inflammation and modulates immune function.
Did you know that hydrogen (H2) has the following properties?
-selective antioxidant
-immune modulator

Paul Barattiero has lectured across the world over the last 22 years. 12 years ago, he set out to educate the world on the vast benefits of molecular hydrogen. His message has focused on the critical role of molecular hydrogen (H2) to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation. His lectures present the causal problem and the solutions through scientific studies. He developed the Echo hydrogen water system as well as other products to modulate immune and cognitive function. Paul has lectured across the world and has been on national television in USA, Germany, and Switzerland including Doug Kaufman’s television show Know the Cause. He was featured in “The Truth about Cancer” and has been on radio shows and podcasts worldwide. Paul works diligently to educate individuals how to prevent disease and no longer suffer. Paul’s greatest joys come from serving others. He is passionate about the prevention of pathologies.


EP 81: WTH ?!? Gut-Brain connection, Addressing Mental Health Conditions Holistically

Tune in today to listen in on our conversation surrounding the gut-brain connection, addressing mental health conditions holistically. Many don't connect these up, our health starts in our gut, our neurotransmitters are formed there as well. There is more and more evidence of the connection of the microbiome and brain health.

Dr Villanueva is the Founder and Chief Health Coach of Modern Holistic Health and
Creator of the Healthy Body Restoration System and Balance your Brain Program.
Dr. V is known for her work in the field of epigenetics and has studied under leading methylation and genetic doctors including Dr. Kendal Stewart and has been featured in numerous documentaries and summits so that she can share knowledge that is helping people overcome their chronic health struggles.
She is no stranger to debilitating health struggles. In her mid 30’s she struggled with severe debilitating anxiety, depression, and memory loss and was told by doctors that the only solution is a lifetime of medications.
After over 3 years of searching for answers and failed attempts to find solutions to heal herself, she started uncovering the many root causes of what had made her ill and how to fix them. Dr. Villanueva became an expert in chronic illnesses and brain chemistry imbalances, healing gut issues, epigenetics, and holistic medicine.
Her passion is empowering men and women to understand how they can heal truly
their body.

EP 80: WTH ?!? Lymphatic Health with Shivan Sarna

On today's episode, we will be discussing why the lymphatic system and why it is so often overlooked. Then we will discuss how to take care of your lymphatic system

After being diagnosed with Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth in 2015, Shivan Sarna set out on a mission to heal her gut and get her life back. But she quickly was frustrated by the lack of accurate and reliable information. She made it her mission to bring SIBO experts from around the world together in one place to get help to people who needed it. She founded SIBO SOS™ to support others on their journey to understand, treat, and manage IBS, SIBO, and other digestive issues. Through her book, “Healing SIBO,” workshops, expert-led courses, a podcast, blog, and free Facebook community SIBO SOS™ has now helped thousands of people.


Sign up for the Lymphatic Rescue Summit:

EP 79: WTH ?!? Peptides for Cognitive Decline

Tune in for this fun and exciting discussion with Regan Archiblad, LAc, FMP, CSSAc about what peptides maybe able to help with cognitive decline. Regan is an expert on the topic and educates many providers worldwide through his GoWellness organization.

Regan Archibald, LAc, FMP, CSSAc, graduated with his Masters of Science from the Traditional Chinese Medical College of Hawaii and went on to create the award-winning clinic, East West Health Anodyne in 2004. East West Health Anodyne has 4 locations throughout Utah and is one of the few clinics in the nation to successfully integrate traditional eastern medicine, cell therapy, peptides and functional medicine. He’s created a patient experience that is unmatched in conventional medicine by creating a team of Medical doctors, health coaches, and acupuncturists who work side-by-side in patient care.
Throughout his career, Regan has been a prolific writer, speaker, teacher, and instructor. He has inspired thousands with his insights for creating a new healthcare model for the future. He is the author of 7 books and has created training programs to help individuals find and maintain their health independence.


EP 78: WTH ?!? Essential Oils And Brain Health With Jodi Cohen

Jodi Sternoff Cohen is a bestselling author, award-winning journalist, functional practitioner and founder of Vibrant Blue Oils, where she has combined her training in nutritional therapy and aromatherapy to create unique proprietary blends of organic and wild-crafted essential oils. She has helped over 50,000 clients heal from brain related challenges, including anxiety, insomnia, and autoimmunity.
For the past ten years, she has lectured at wellness centers, conferences, and corporations on brain health, essential oils, stress, and detoxification. She has been seen in The New York Times, Wellness Mama, Elephant Journal and numerous publications. Her website, vibrantblueoils.com, is visited by over 300,000 natural health seekers every year, and she has rapidly become a top resource for essential oils education on the Internet today.
IG: @vibrantblueoils
GIft: https://boostthebrainbook.com/gift/

Boost the Brain Book Bonus Chapter – https://dv216.isrefer.com/go/bookgift/Drgreckel/

EP 77: WTH ?!? The Significant Decline In Brain Health In Times Of COVID, What Can Be Done?

Join in as Teepa Snow, occupational therapist, shares her observations of supporting families in brain decline. What she has seen over the year of shut downs and ins.
We discuss what can be regained? What’s possible? What opportunities can we take to improve the abilities of those who have experienced this decline?

Teepa Snow is an Occupational Therapist with over forty years of rich and varied clinical and academic experience. Her experiences led her to the development of the GEMS® State Model, for understanding the progression of dementia, and the Positive Approach® training strategies. Her company, Positive Approach to Care® (PAC) provides online and in-person education and products. Teepa presents with extraordinary expertise and humor to audiences throughout the world.

EP 76: WTH ?!? The Future Of Medicine Frequencies, Thought Forms, & Neural Learning

Robert Rodgers PhD is the founder of Parkinsons Recovery in 2004. Previously he was a professor for 20 years on the faculties at the University of Texas at Austin and the Martin School of Public Policy at the University of Kentucky. A former Navy Officer, county administrator and Assistant Secretary of State in Texas, Robert now focuses on identifying natural therapies that offer relief from the symptoms of Parkinson's disease.

Road to Recovery From Parkinson's Disease Book By Robert Rodgers – https://b55ad7hn9ht68ml3ugldugdn1p.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=NCC

EP 75: WTH ?!? Fix Your Fatigue With Evan Hirsch, MD

Evan H. Hirsch, MD, is a World Renowned Fatigue Expert and is the Founder & CEO of the International Center for Energy & Fatigue & of The Virtual MD Initiative. He suffered with fatigue for 5 years before he achieved resolution using the Fix Your Fatigue Program that he pioneered in his medical practice.
Through his best-selling book, podcast and online programs, he has helped thousands of people around the world optimize their energy naturally, and he is on a mission to help 1 million more.
He also helps licensed, functional medicine providers transition to a successful virtual practice so that they can have more impact, more success and a greater quality of life.
He is board certified in family medicine and integrative medicine and when he’s not at the office, you can find him singing musicals, dancing and playing basketball with his family.

EP 74: WTH ?!? COVID And The Impact On Brain Health And Overall Health

As well as how to thrive with the COVID social isolation – ways AD pt can exercise at home.
Also using technology to achieve health – Oura Ring, Virtual Reality (VR), etc.
Dr. Ross started her career in emergency medicine where she quickly realized that the current medical model fails to address chronic illness. She then became ill herself and sought training in functional medicine at the IFM to help herself heal. She has since traded the emergency room for a practice founded in functional medicine. She specializes in chronic illness with a focus and passion for brain health. She is the founder of Brain Health & Research Institute in Seattle WA and Watkinsville GA. She works with some of the top scientist in the world trying to solve the mystery behind Alzheimer's disease, neurodegenerative diseases and most recently the effects of COVID 19 on the brain.

EP 73: WTH ?!? Is Deuterium Dis-Regulation Impacted By Glyphosate Linked To Mitochondrial Dysfunction?

As well as how to thrive with the COVID social isolation – ways AD pt can exercise at home.
Also using technology to achieve health – Oura Ring, Virtual Reality (VR), etc.
Dr. Ross started her career in emergency medicine where she quickly realized that the current medical model fails to address chronic illness. She then became ill herself and sought training in functional medicine at the IFM to help herself heal. She has since traded the emergency room for a practice founded in functional medicine. She specializes in chronic illness with a focus and passion for brain health. She is the founder of Brain Health & Research Institute in Seattle WA and Watkinsville GA. She works with some of the top scientist in the world trying to solve the mystery behind Alzheimer's disease, neurodegenerative diseases and most recently the effects of COVID 19 on the brain.

EP 72: WTH ?!? Unconscious Agreements We Make With Ourselves With Sarah Peyton

What exactly are we talking about? Have you ever noticed certain situations or feeling continually come your way? Ever just think, geez, when do I learn NOT to do that again? Wether it be in relationships, or business dealings you may have some unconscious contracts running.
Find out how we create unconscious contracts. And how
name and feel the deep currents below self-sabotage to end the perpetual cycle.
Most importantly, how do we release unconscious contracts – the importance of the blessing and where to go from here.
You don't want to miss this discussion!
Sarah Peyton, Certified Trainer of Nonviolent Communication, constellation facilitator and neuroscience educator, integrates brain science and the use of resonant language to heal trauma and nourish self-warmth with exquisite gentleness. She teaches and lectures internationally, and is the author of the book “Your Resonant Self: Guided Meditations and Exercises to Engage Your Brain’s Capacity for Healing.” Her second book from W.W. Norton, The Your Resonant Self Workbook, is available for preorder on Amazon and will be published May 25, 2021.
Social Media & Website Links:

EP 71: WTH ?!? A Talk With Dr. Doni Wilson, Stress Recovery Protocol, HPV, MTHFR

What's stress got to do with it? Your health that is. Tune in and find out what role stress plays in your health (you maybe surprised at the response).
Dr. Doni discusses fatigue, anxiety, autoimmunity, fertility and recurrent miscarriages, MTHFR, insomnia, as well as HPV and abnormal pap smears.
We take a deep dive into what stress is and how to recover from it!
DR. DONI WILSON, a naturopathic doctor, certified professional midwife, and certified nutrition specialist, graduated from Bastyr University in 2000. Dr. Doni believes it is possible to be healthy, even when we are stressed. She experienced severe migraines for 25 years and was determined to find a way to resolve them. In the process of solving her migraines, Dr. Doni developed her Stress Recovery Protocol™ which identifies how stress uniquely affects each individual and then uses epigenetics to reoptimize health. She helps patients reverse challenging health conditions including fatigue, anxiety, autoimmunity, fertility and recurrent miscarriages, MTHFR, insomnia, as well as HPV and abnormal pap smears. Dr. Doni is frequently called upon to discuss her approach in the media, as well as at both public and professional events. She writes a blog you can find at DoctorDoni.com and her podcast is called How Humans Heal.

Doni Wilson's Stress Warrior Group Program https://doctordoni.com/stress-warrior-program/