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Sarieah continues to be an incredible medical resource, source of support, and professional that I trust. I could not be happier with the medical care I receive from her and I highly recommend her to anyone in need of a provider.”~R.

“I was pretty weak, sick and scared when I first started my treatments at Nature Cures Clinic, but the kind and personal treatment I have received has brought my health back around pretty dramatically.  Everyone I have encountered there is friendly, professional and brimming with a passion for their work, armed with vast expertise in a multitude of healing arts. Simply put; They make me feel better. xoxo” Storm L.

As always Sarieah made me feel like my well being is her number one priority. Can’t find enough words to express how happy to have her as my health provider!”

I feel truly blessed to have stumbled across Nature Cures Clinic. The access I have, the quality of care I receive, the genuine interest and concern you exhibit just doesn’t exist with big, western healthcare outfits such as Kaiser – my friend is caught in a terrible nightmare with Kaiser – not to mention the results we’ve achieved so far. I just want to thank you all there at the Clinic for offering such a wonderful alternative: Thanks a million!” – B.

Dr. Greg Eckel at Nature Cures Clinic and his group are amazing! I was having joint problems with swelling in my joints for 12 years! I could barely walk and was absolutely miserable. I was desperate for some help or to know what was wrong with me. I went to regular doctors and was tested for everything under the sun and to no avail, nothing came up! Dr. Greg Eckel tested me through a blood test that came up that I was severely allergic to eggs and milk. I cut dairy and eggs out of my diet and overnight improved. Now I am 100% better and loving life. I would recommend Dr. Eckel to anyone that doesn’t know what is wrong with them. I feel like I have my life back! He is an Angel!” ~ A.

“Sarieah is the best medical practitioner I have seen in a long time. Maybe ever. I only have positive things to say about her. I feel very lucky to have her as my healthcare provider.”~A.

Nature Cures Clinic has saved my life. It is the first time that I have felt like my health needs are being addressed and my concerns are being heard. The time spent and the education provided every time I am in is so pleasant and invaluable. I’ve sent all of my family!” ~E.

“I had suffered from acid reflux almost daily for over 10 years, and treated it with Nexium. I finally decided to try Dr. Greg Eckel. Dr. Greg took more time to understand me and my circumstances than any doctor has ever done before. Once he understood, he worked with me to monitor and later my diet, and recommended supplements and acupuncture. Within three months of starting treatment and changing my diet as Dr. Greg recommended, my acid reflux was completely gone.  It has not returned in three years. I also lost 15 pounds. I urge anyone with a medical need, especially one you’ve given up on fixing, to let Dr. Greg listen to you and help you explore your options.  You’ll be glad you did.”~ Tom C.

I have never felt so comfortable with a primary care provider. Sarieah provided an environment that was safe, caring and professional. I am very glad I have found someone who truly cares and listens to my health concerns. I will be recommending this clinic to everyone!”

Our family has sought care through Nature Cures Clinic on a wide range of needs. We’ve gotten the best of treatment and positive results on everything from children’s diets to resolving an old and “hopeless” shoulder condition. Thank you!” ~R.

“I received an incorrect diagnosis from another provider (at another clinic) & have been suffering with untreated symptoms for months. Sarieah not only immediately provided me with a correct diagnosis, but also took the time to see & treat me as a whole person. She’s amazing!~ R.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Eckel’s for several years, initially visiting him because of an “old” shoulder injury flaring up and not going away. What happened next was simply amazing. His careful examination, questioning and discussion with me was educational and led to some simple food allergy testing, and from there the discovery that my diet needed a tweak. To my amazement and great pleasure, removing one offending item from my diet and taking one key supplement caused an immediate 100% improvement. No pain. No pain meds, no steroids, no physical therapy, no surgery. It wasn’t magic or voodoo. It was simply his knowledge of the entire body system and an approach beyond just looking at the shoulder itself. The problem was inflammation and the benefits of tweaking my diet to address the inflammation have gone far beyond “just” fixing the shoulder pain. I feel better every day, have less aches and pains in my 40-something year old body, and don’t suffer from seasonal allergies like I used to. Since then, I’ve regarded Dr. Eckel as my primary care physician and MDs as my backup…not the other way around. Thank you Dr. Eckel!!!”~ M.

I have never felt like a physician, not to mention an entire clinic’s staff, was immediately invested in my health and well being and cared about me, like I have at Nature Cures. I couldn’t be happier.” ~A.

“I travel a lot for my job via airplanes and after one of these trips, my eardrum didn’t stabilize correctly due to a fever I had while on the road. I came home with an earache that then turned into a blown eardrum on a Sunday night. Dr Greg Eckel squeezed me into his schedule that next morning and alleviated my eardrum pain through Chinese herbs and Acupuncture.  Everyone there worked as a team to help me through the healing process. It was the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced and I feel it healed better because of the care I received at NatureCures. I feel a medical doctor would have written a prescription for pain medication and send me on my way. The power of Natural Medicine became quite clear to me after this experience.”~ E.

Natures Cures clinic is great. They are very attentive and do everything possible to get you where you want to be. I am experiencing a healthy more normal “me” because of the clinic. Thank you.” ~J.

Dr. Greg has been instrumental in getting me off inhalers and steroids.  When I first went to Dr Greg many years ago I suffered from chronic seasonal hay fever.  Miserable for several months of the year around here.  After consulting with Dr. Greg we tweaked several diet problems I had and after 3-4 accupuncture treatments my hay fever was basically a thing of the past.  Most importantly, the steroids and inhaler were gone.  I now think of Dr Greg as my primary care doc.”~ S.

You all have been wonderful! I couldn’t have asked for a better blessing than NCC!” ~B.

I had an issue with my lack of energy. I was exhausted. I also had constant heartburn. Dr. Eckel helped me to understand that there wasn’t a singular reason for what I was experiencing. He correctly assessed my condition and developed a plan to get me back on track. He treated me with acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and nutritional recommendations. I was mostly taken by how sincere he is about helping his patients. He has tremendous compassion and believes in what he is doing, but knows its limitations. He believes in long term care and patient involvement in the healing process. He is a good caregiver and a good man.  I recommend his services without hesitation.” ~ J.

Fantastic job you all are doing. Such a great, inspiring model for me, and a important part of my own self-care. Thanks!”~ S.

I love Nature Cures. Their care is outstanding and the entire staff is very professional and courteous.  As a cancer survivor they have helped me heal physically with their common-sense approach to good nutrition, naturally based remedies where mainstream medicine only left huge holes unfilled.” ~T.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Eckel and Nature Cures Clinic for a number of years now and all I can really say is this: If “they” would come to Dr. Eckel and his team to understand what health care really is and could be about, then we could turn around the practice of health and medicine in this country in meaningful and powerful ways. NCC is all about the person. They take the time to listen and care, and when you walk out of their clinic you feel, perhaps for the first time, that a doctor is on your side. Their objective isn’t to heal a symptom, it’s to make you healthy in the truest sense of the word. I remember hearing when I was a young that a doctor’s objective is to work themselves out of a job. In other words, to help you be so healthy that you don’t need to depend upon them. In my experience I have never found a doctor that lived up to that creed – that is until I meet Dr. Eckel and the NCC team.”~ S.

My experience has been overall really good and excellent attention to my needs from the entire staff. The doctors are exceptional – listen and try to accommodate whatever my needs are.  All have a sense of humor which makes this go faster and quicker.” ~C.

“In praise of Dr. Eckel, A few years ago, I exhibited some hypertension as well as elevated LDL levels. I regularly exercised, was attempting to eat healthy and was taking some medications, prescribed by my primary care physician. He wanted to put me on more medications. I decided to go to Dr. Eckel to see what he could do to help me. He took a C-Reactive Protein test and showed me that there were some foods that were causing me to be inflamed. He gave me some herbs and recommended that I eliminate or lower certain foods in my diet. My LDL level has gone down and I no longer exhibit hypertension. His careful bedside manner and listening ear have made it easy to work with him. I now use Dr. Eckel as my primary care provider and my prior physician as my back up care provider. Our insurance does not cover this type of care but it has been worth the extra expense.”~ P.

Dr. Eckel has been extraordinarily patient with me. He has guided me along when at times I felt as though I could easily quit yet another endeavor in my dysfunctional life, and this one is of such great importance. If I’m not in good health, I continue to deal with things. He has been kind, respectful, and gentle, and he has helped me through some really rough times. I am so grateful for his care.” ~C.

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