Motor Vehicle Accidents


Car accident

Naturopathic and Chinese Medical Treatment

Treatment after a motor vehicle accident (MVA) at Nature Cures Clinic utilizes a number of different modules, including a Naturopathic Module, a Chinese medicine Module, and an IV Therapy Module.


Naturopathic Medicine Module for treating injury after motor vehicle accidents:

New Patient Assessment
Each patient will be individually evaluated to develop a complete holistic plan for treatment. A neurological assessment will be included. Bring any supplements, lab work or imaging reports to review.
Laboratory Studies
Following evaluation, the appropriate labs will be ordered. Patients are encouraged to bring any previous medical studies with them to the first visit.
Four-Day Report
Following the first visit, three more appointments will follow before a program is fully developed. This will allow time to tailor a program that fits your needs, in accord with the severity of the condition.
Follow Up Reevaluations (monthly)
Each month, the patient will be reevaluated to monitor progress, and to make any modifications in the course of care.
Nutritional Education
Our providers are available for coaching and educating patients on healthy eating habits. We will guide you towards the foods that assist in the healing process. Cleanses are initiated when and if indicated.
Allergy and Food Sensitivity Assessment
Most of us struggle with foods in the diet that are not assisting our body’s natural
state of balance. It becomes important to reduce or eliminate these obstacles
when in the healing process. As part of the program, each patient will be
tested for food allergies or sensitivities. The results help to locate the obstacles
to health, and establish a diet where food is your medicine.


Chinese Medicine Module for treatment after motor vehicle accident

Following injury, the circulation of blood, lymph and energy are often obstructed. Acupuncture is an age-old modality that specializes in restoring proper circulation and movement in the body, as well as reducing muscle spasticity and pain. We begin acupuncture treatments on the second visit.
Chinese Herbal Medicine
Plants offer a balanced system for healing, and Dr. Eckel is trained in Chinese medicine utilizing ‘The Emperor’s Medicine’ of Chinese herbs. Each patient will receive an individual formula to assist in healing the nervous system and any other systems out of balance.


IV Module for treating motor vehicle injury

Intravenous Nutritional Therapy
IV nutrients offer a unique delivery system for the body following injury. We have a standard multivitamin formulation we use for many health conditions. These nutrients help to enhance mood, energy, and immune function. Other formulations specifically target the brain. IVs are initiated when and if indicated, following an extensive history and laboratory workup.

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 Check out our podcast to learn more about how we treat and support your recovery after a motor vehicle accident.

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