Dr. Greg Eckel heads up the Cardiovascular Health Optimization Program at our downtown Portland clinic. 

Cardiovascular disease continues to be the number one killer in the world.


At Nature Cures Clinic, we have a multi-factoral approach to one of the biggest issues facing our health.  Diet and lifestyle continue to be two of the biggest areas that contribute to your overall health and to your heart health.  Do you have a family history of heart disease?  Concerns about your heart health?  Want to have a better understanding of your heart health?

We have designed our cardiovascular health optimization program for you!  Our first step is assessing your overall health.  Through advanced imaging and screening techniques done right here in the clinic, thorough blood work, and physical exam (incorporating Chinese as well as western diagnostics), we offer a thorough assessment of where you are.

This work up, coupled with your desired health goals, determines what course you set at the clinic.  Whether it’s support for your current lifestyle or a total overhaul, we have you covered here at Nature Cures.

We are offering cardiovascular screening with stroke screenings, EKG’s, peripheral artery disease screening, vascular screening, aneurysm screening among others.  As well as comprehensive blood panels (it’s a lot more than what’s your total cholesterol).

If you’d like more information and see if you qualify for the assessment, please call the clinic (503-287-4970) and schedule your complimentary consult with Dr. Eckel today!

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Our Naturopathic Acupuncture Clinic is located in Downtown Portland, Oregon.
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