March 20

12:00-1:00 at Oregon Department of Transportation
Lecture: Why it matters who you see and how you access healthcare: Helpful strategies on finding a provider who meets your healthcare needs. 
Sarieah Macdonald, MN, NMNP, CNM provides tips on what to look for when choosing a provider, overview of  Cost/Benefit Ratio in making health dollars make sense and Strategies for advocating for your own healthcare needs. 


 March 25

7:00-8:30 pm at Portland Spa & Boutique
Lecture:  Common Women’s Health Conditions to Recognize
Sarieah Macdonald, MN, NMNP, CNM provides a professional overview of health issues for estheticians to become familiar with for maximize support of women in their ongoing health, with specifics about when to refer to a medical provider. 


March 29-30th, 2014.

 10:00 am- 6:00 pm at the Portland Better Living Show: Booth #718
Lecture: Inspiring Better Living: Medicine-East meets West 
Better living includes better health care. Yet, with all the options in health care available, rarely do “eastern trained” and “western trained” providers truly collaborate. The result? Segmented health care that fails to meet all your health needs. Join us to find our how you can achieve optimal wellness with patient-centered care through truly integrative medicine. Sarieah Macdonald, MN, NMNP, CNM and Greg Eckel, ND, LAc, guide you through a discussion of integrated health care, sharing how western and eastern medicine can work together, inspiring better living and optimizing your health!

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