Dr. Cody Strodtman

Dr. Cody Strodtman was born and raised in Kansas, where he pursued a carrier in microbiology. This focus allowed Dr. Strodtman to research and understood how biological systems react to environmental stressors. He quickly understood how changing the environment would alter the lifespan, characteristics, byproducts, and overall health of the microorganisms he was experimenting with at start up biotechnology company.

Knowing how biological systems respond to their environment was the catalyst for his Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine education. Dr. Strodtman’s passion and purpose directly stem from understanding the principles that unite all biological systems. He believes it is his responsibility to educate, practice, and live by these unified principles. As he says, “Disease cannot flourish in an environment designed for life.”

Therefore, it’s no surprise that Dr. Strodtman places lifestyle at the forefront of his practice. Because he believes lifestyle is how we shape our environment. He couples this belief with techniques that correct imbalances within the emotional, spiritual, and physical levels.

Dr. Cody Strodtman is an up-and-coming author, speaker, educator, and entrepreneur. His simple, effective, and innovative style is in high demand for individuals seeking to maximize their potential in life.

Dr. Strodtman’s particular interests

  • Lifestyle
  • Hormetic application for system optimization
  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Neurology
  • Sports Medicine
  • Men’s health
  • Longevity
  • Anti-Aging