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Ginkgo and MS

Diseases of the nervous system are dramatically on the increase. Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and others have been increasingly prevalent for the past decade, and the rise shows … Continue reading “Ginkgo and MS”


Herbs and Immunity

There are lots of ways to support a healthy immune system through the winter months. One easy way is through the daily intake of herbs known as tonics. Tonics increase the tone and vitality of skin, organs and body systems. By increasing the vitality of the immune system you are able to defend off bacterial and viral invaders at a more efficient rate enabling you to either arrest a cold/flu or shorten its duration drastically.

Below are 2 recipes for you to enjoy:


Vitamin D

Vitamin D Debacle We have heard a lot of questions this week concerning the recently released Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) ‘new and improved’ recommendations for vitamin D and … Continue reading “Vitamin D”