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Nature Cures Clinic is currently accepting new patients.
Clinic hours: 9 am-5 pm Monday through Friday

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Call the clinic at (503) 287-4970.

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If you prefer to request and appointment online, simply fill out the form below. We will call you within one working day to schedule an appointment. (Note: this information will never be shared or distributed to anyone outside our clinic without your explicit permission).

Briefly describe the reason for your visit


Nature Cures Clinic also accepts walk-in appointments as time and space allow.


Nature Cures Clinic has a Cancellation policy requiring at least 24 hours notice or a missed appointment charge will be applied.

Will Insurance Cover My Visit?

Several practitioners at Nature Cures Clinic are covered under many insurance policies including: Blue Cross/Blue Shield;  Moda/ODS; Cigna; Pacific Source, First Choice, Aetna.

As an integrated clinic, we have providers whose services are considered ‘standard’ as well as those considered ‘alternative’. As such, we have learned that different plans provide different degrees of coverage and co-pays.

2646438199_b309cffd65 Therefore, we encourage you to check your benefits to determine if the provider you would like to see is ‘In-Network’ or ‘Out-of-Network’ with your insurance provider (check out this article about Understanding Insurance benefits); what your visit(s) co-pay will be; and if any pre-authorization will be needed.

Benefits for coverage may not always be detailed correctly online or in an insurance handbook. Therefore, we ask that patients use our form to call their insurance company so that they receive the most accurate information possible.

To assist you in finding out exactly which of our services your insurance plan may cover and what your financial responsibility would be, please use these forms when you contact your insurance company:

Dr. Greg Eckel Eckel, ND, LAc  use this form

Additional Information

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Cancellation and Missed Appointments

Our Naturopathic Acupuncture Clinic is located in Downtown Portland, Oregon.
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