Sinus Issues and Acupuncture

Chronic rhinitis is that awful congestion that occurs as the result of irritation and inflammation of the tissue in the nasal cavity. The initial cause can be a viral, or bacterial infection. Or it may just be the result of an allergy to pollen. Even extreme winds can produce the mucus production responsible for chronic rhinitis. New research indicates that a cure for rhinitis may lie in the practice of acupuncture.

A Study of Acupuncture and Sinuses Produces Surprising Findings

A new study examined 85 subjects suffering from chronic sinus congestion and found that acupuncture had a 96.5% effectiveness rate! Among the group, 61 patients reported a full recovery, while 21 other test subjects reported a “marked improvement” of their condition. Only three patients said they did not feel any better at all. A Rhinoscopy and examination in search of physical symptoms confirmed the results reported by the patients in the study. A two year follow-up exam provided confirmation of those patients claiming total recovery from their rhinitis.

Each member of the group submitted to one acupuncture treatment per day over a 15 day period to account for one course of treatment. Those who reported full recovery were subjected to two courses of treatment over 30 days. In some cases the full regiment was not required for patients reporting full recovery after just one course of treatment.

What Exactly Did the Acupuncture and Sinuses Study Entail?

For the purposes of the study, the acupuncture needles used on the rhinitis patients were 0.35 mm (28 gauge) in diameter and 40-50 mm in length. The acupuncture points on the body of each subject were GB20 (Feng Chi), LI4 (Hegu), and St36 (Zusanli). The additional acupuncture points, located at UB12 (Fengmen), UB13 (Feishu), Yintang (Ex-HN 3), and Du14 (Dazhui), were also utilized, depending upon the condition of each individual test subject. Differential diagnosis methods were used to analyze the specific condition of each patient. Each session lasted for a duration of 20 minutes. Variables such as heat, cold, and tonification were adjusted during the test study.

Acupuncture can provide relief from a variety of conditions.It has also been shown to improve sleep and digestion, as well as reducing headache pain. Now, acupuncture has another use, providing sufferers of chronic sinus congestion relief that they might never have expected. If you suffer from sinus congestion or allergies and would like to experience this form of treatment for yourself, give us a call today and schedule your first treatment.