New Year, New Birth Control?


Are you satisfied with your contraception? There are so many options available to women these days: Pills, patches, rings, implants, barriers and intrauterine devices. There are over 80 kinds of pills alone! Considering that each method has it’s pros and cons and every woman is unique, that’s a lot of factors going into making your decision.

Hormonal birth control offers a host of benefits besides preventing pregnancy. Women use hormonal birth control to control acne, PMS, pelvic pain and excessive bleeding. Some women use them simply to eliminate periods altogether. Yes, it’s safe to not have a period if using hormones as prescribed! Oral contraceptives have also been shown to decrease a woman’s risk of ovarian and endometrial cancer.


Paradoxically, the wrong formulation for an individual woman can exacerbate acne and mood swings, so it’s important to find the best formula to suit your own unique being! Sometimes this can mean a few false starts as you try out different options.

Non- hormonal contraception includes the Copper IUD and barrier methods, such as diaphragms and condoms. Male and female condoms protect against STDs, so we recommend their use every time if there is any risk at all.



My personal favorite forms of birth control are the LARCs, long acting reversible contraceptives. Across the board, they are THE most effective reversible contraception available. These include the hormone free Copper IUD (birth control for 10 years AND can be used as emergency contraception!), and the Progestin containing Levonorgesterel IUD (3-5 years of protection), and etonogestrel implant (3 years duration). Admittedly, the insertion process is more cumbersome, but the resulting YEARS of birth control are worth it.

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