Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapeutics (HBOT), Help for TBI, Parkinsons, and Lyme sufferers


Oxyhealth hyperbaric oxygen chamber
Portland Oregon Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

What is HBOT?

HBOT is administered within a hyperbaric chamber, delivering a carefully managed dosage of increased atmospheric pressure and pure oxygen over a prescribed period of time. This environment changes the relative pressures of oxygen, nitrogen, and other gases in the blood, organs, and tissues. Normally oxygen is carried by hemoglobin on red blood cells. Under higher pressures, oxygen dissolves in the blood plasma as well, increasing the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood. The increased oxygen facilitated the body’s healing process.

The Benefits of HBOT

HBOT is the only non-hormonal treatment approved by the FDA for the repair and regeneration of human tissue. HBOT can be used to treat all conditions which benefit from more oxygen being available in the body’s tissues, such as burns and wounds. It has also been used successfully to improve many neurological conditions including, but not limited to:

Traumatic Brain Injury
Carbon Monoxide Poison
Cerebral Palsy
Alzheimer’s Disease
Lyme Disease
Multiple Sclerosis
Vascular Dementia

We’ve incorporated this exciting new therapy into our practice.  To learn more about HBOT, ask Dr. Eckel or any member of our team!

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