Persistant fatigue is worth a health check up.

One of the most common complaints we hear from patients is they suffer from ongoing and persistent “fatigue”.

This is an all-too-common health complaint and one that has at its root a lot of potential causes, including hormone issues, anemia, chronic illness, depression, adrenal fatigue, certain medications and sleep issues, to name just a few.

In evaluating persistent fatigue, we typically begin with an in-depth medical history, discuss any ongoing health issues, perform a complete physical and take relevant blood work. We also take the time to explore lifestyle issues that can contribute to fatigue: diet, physical activity, work environment, relationships, stress levels, supplements and/or medications .

We do this because many people suffer from fatigue as a symptom of something else, and at Nature Cures Clinic, we we believe in treating the whole you- not just your symptoms!

In determining the cause of fatigue, we have a much larger “tool-box” to support you. As an integrated clinic we blend clinical judgement with western medical analysis, eastern therapeutics (including acupuncture and Chinese herbs), nutritional support and our own unique style where we actually spend TIME with our patients!

So if you suffer from ongoing persistent fatigue, a feeling of ‘tiredness’ that doesn’t improve regardless of how much you sleep or rest you get, or a ‘heaviness’  that you just can’t shake, please come in and see us for a full evaluation.

Your health matters to us!