Supplement use in Healthcare

It is widely accepted- and true- that there can be health benefits with dietary additions, vitamin & mineral supplements and nutraceuticals. Yet, if you get online you’ll find there is no shortage of claims and advertisements on them as ‘miracle’ cures

Often times, people feel like they have to navigate this information all by themselves because they don’t have anyone on their health team that is knowledgeable (or has the time) to offer insight, support or recommendations specific to their needs.

While it can be easy to try things bought online or at natural food stores with a “see what happens” approach, doing so can actually be challenging (and occasionally dangerous) to your health. This is because what’s right for you & your health situation might be much different from what might be right for someone else. Alternatively, what the product might do in some situations and physical environments, may be very different from what it does in yours.

Simply knowing about the reported health benefits of a product, supplement, vitamin or nutraceutical isn’t enough to know if it will be beneficial (or harmful) to you.  As an example, supplemental iron can be lifesaving for someone with iron-deficiency anemia. For someone else, supplemental iron can be toxic (and even lethal). Another example is melatonin. Many people use it as a sleeping aid, but did you know that for many people the effective dosages of melatonin differ and that too much can have side effects?

That’s why it really is important to have someone on your health team that understands supplements AND your health.

As an integrated clinic, ALL the providers at Nature Cures Clinic are educated on standard and alternative therapies, including common supplements. We make the time to discuss your diet, review your supplements (including vitamins, minerals and nutraceuticals), suggest supplementation when appropriate and support you in learning more about what you are taking, why you are taking it, and how what you are taking impacts your health, including your long-term health goals.

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If you are looking for a truly integrated approach to health care, with providers knowledgeable about supplements and willing to spend time assisting you in navigating them, give us a call today:  503-287-4970. Most major insurances accepted.