Integrative Migraine Treatment, getting solutions for your pain

Chronic migraine can be a debilitating—and all too common—neurological disorder that costs families thousands of dollars in days off work, days away from school and days away from family. According to one online source, families with a migraine sufferer spend $8,00 more per year on health care than families without a migraine sufferer.

Yet, migraine pain has far greater costs than merely financial.

Chronic and recurring neurological pain is exhausting. It’s frustrating. It can impact every element of one’s life—from relationships at work/school to interactions within a family unit. Sufferers of migraines often find themselves desperate to eliminate anything that may trigger a debilitating migraine, resulting in missing out on life events, favorite activities, foods, sounds, travel, so many of the things that those who have never had a migraine take for granted.

What’s more, many who suffer from chronic migraines lose out on something far greater…hope.

As an integrated medical clinic, that’s where we feel uniquely able to help.

Working together across disciplines and medical systems (standard western prescriptive care, naturopathic & dietary care, Chinese medicine, acupuncture and herbal therapy) we provide a unique system of truly integrated medicine by our providers working together to provide you not just one route to resolve your migraines, but multiple.

Many of the people who come to our integrated medical clinic with migraines have been through the ‘medical ringer’.  Whether it is with standard medicine or alternative medicine, many of the individuals who come to us feel as if they have tried “it all” without significant relief.

But few have ever had truly integrated care providers working together to “hold all the pieces” that may be contributing to the cause of migraines. That’s what we do, and that makes all the difference in the world.

While there are some wonderfully effective standard medications used to treat, stop, and support one through a migraine, these medications (often prescriptive members of the triptan or ergotamine families of drugs, or medications to stop nausea associated with migraines) don’t resolve the underlying cause. That’s where naturopathic and Chinese medicine complete what we call the “Triad of Modalities”.

Every individual is unique. In our practice of Integrated Medicine, we not only believe this, we develop treatment plans specifically tailored to the needs of each individual. While standard medications have a direct impact on certain neurological elements of a migraine, they are a ‘one size fits all’ approach to the incredibly dynamic being that you are.

By blending across modalities (western, naturopathic and Chinese medicine), our providers use their expertise to support treatment not only to get you feeling better, but to give you hope for your future.

And while we at Nature Cures Clinic are unique in what we do, the idea that integrated medicine is key to reducing migraines, is not ours alone. Published in the British Medical Journal June 2012, the article,Integrative integrated migraine care: preliminary evaluation”, yielded such positive results as to inspire greater prospective research studies. The authors of the study concluded that “The integrative integrated migraine care model seems to be effective in reducing frequency and intensity of migraines and helps reducing migraine medication use.”

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