Why Urban Gardening?

Many people are shocked when they learn that most food travels an average of 1,500 miles in order to get to our table.  In the case of fruits and veggies, many are ripening en-route, on the back of an eighteen wheeler.

When raising chickens, goats, or growing fruits and veggies, you know where your food is coming from, that it is free from commercial processing and dangerous chemicals, and is packed with nutrients having been harvested only moments ago.

While an urban garden may seem too laborious, remember you can start simple. Try planting some herbs in your kitchen window.  Once you have proven to yourself that it is easier than you thought, try taking a few extra steps out your door and into your yard — find the sun, grab a shovel, and dig.  If you fall in love with urban farming, begin composting and keeping chickens, and you will soon find that the garden becomes rather self-sustaining.

There are many great resources for anyone ready to embark on growing your own food, because really, urban gardening has become downright sexy. It is awesome because people are opening their minds about food quality and flavor, their health, the health of the earth – all of which collide right in their backyard.

Until then, remember your local farmers market, CSA, and hey, maybe even your neighbor.

With spring upon us, I am inspired to get my own hands dirty; to dip into the cool soil, pull some weeds – so satisfying when the earth is wet and loose from spring rain – and wake with a familiar stiffness that comes with a big day in the garden. Lola and I have been discussing what we are going to plant this year, considering what will be extra “tasty”.  While recounting last season’s bounty, she recently proclaimed, licking her chops and rolling her big brown eyes, “Oh those raspberries, the cucumbers, the beets, and what about the juicy tomatoes!”

Resources to get you started:
Guerrilla Gardening” by David Tracey
Garden Anywhere” by Alys Fowler
“The Edible Garden” by Alys Fowler