Say YES to Free Health Care Visits!

Interested in Free health care visits?

Seriously, who isn’t?? But what are these visits and how do you get them?

The answer is Preventative Health…‘preventative health visits’ are increasingly covered with no cost sharing (ie for FREE! Not even a copay! Even if you haven’t met your yearly deductible!)

But what ‘preventative health’ actually means, who is covered and how one gets it can be somewhat complicated. The really unfortunate element is that many people don’t know about these preventative health visits—and if you don’t know about them, you can’t know to use them, even though they are covered (by IN network providers).

So to help you, the health consumer, get familiar with what these agencies call preventative health, keep reading for an overview of who can get them, what they are and links for more information.

A preventative visit that many women know about is the ‘Well Woman’ exam  (often called an ‘Annual’, ‘Pap’ or ‘Gyn’ visit) and if you are over 40 years of age, you may know that mammograms are generally covered for you every 1-2 years.

Getting those yearly visits haven’t changed, but can you believe there are many other services considered preventative that you can also be seen for?

So for women, in addition to your annual preventative gyn visit (that may or may not require a pap exam, check out this article) here are some of my favorite preventative health visits that you may not even know are available (for a  list check here).

As always, check your individual insurance plan to find out specifics then call us to schedule your visit with our women’s health specialist Sarieah Macdonald, CNM.

Did you know that just like women, MEN get annual preventative health visits too! Does the man in your life know that? Too often these visits go unclaimed (and Dr. Eckel does them too)!

As always, the team at Nature Cures Clinic is devoted to supporting you on your individual path to wellness. These preventative health visits are available to you, so please don’t hesitate to call, schedule or ask us your questions. For a complete list of preventative health services listed by the federal mandate, check here.

We are happy to assist you wherever we can in optimizing your access to the care you deserve!

In Health,

The team at Nature Cures Clinic