Insurance coverage!

Health Insurance.Geesh.

I tell you what, no health care training prepares one for the crazy-making that is insurance companies!

That said, I’m pleased to announce that I am fully IN network with Blue Cross/ Blue Shield; Moda/ODS; Cigna; Pacific Source; Aetna and soon to be with United Health Care!

In the meantime, I have learned that there are certain insurance plans offered by these companies, where they will pay up to 70% for out of network benefits!  Wowzers!

What does that mean for you?

Well, if you have one of these insurances, it means that you can see me just as you would see any other primary care provider.

For those with OUT of network benefits,  it means that you quite likely may have a significant portion of your visit with me covered!

I realize it can be a tough financial decision to choose a provider that you have to pay a little bit more to see, but I also know the cost savings of seeing someone you don’t know, who doesn’t listen to you, or who you don’t feel comfortable with- is rarely worth it.

Nonetheless,  we are doing everything we can to get in network with all the many different insurance companies, to try to remove any barrier impeding your access to the healthcare you deserve.


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