What’s love got to do with it?

I believe that self-love, self-compassion, and self-respect are cornerstones for health, healing and wellness.

Those of you who know me, or who read this blog regularly, already know that I am a women’s primary care provider. I can diagnose and treat much of what might ail you.

Yet, I believe that ‘health care’ should be more than that (and I believe that most health care providers believe this too).

The foundational elements of who we are, how we treat ourselves and how we exist in the world impacts, effects, and guides all areas of our lives.

Recently, I read a blog in the Huff Post ‘Parents’ section entitled The Bully Too Close to Home about the internal cruelty and criticalness that one particular mom experienced.

The author of the blog candidly wrote about the impact her constant self-criticism had on her relationship with those around her, particularly her young daughter.

One of the things that struck me about this was how common this experience of such acute self-criticism is and how rarely we –particularly women- reveal it to anyone in such honest terms.

I can honestly say I don’t know a woman who doesn’t, at least in some facet of her daily life, speak negatively to, and about, herself.

Negative self-speak, that internal self criticism, that so many of us do in the form of constant comparisons against others skills, physique, style, profession, etc… takes a toll on the fabric of our identity; our health, our wellness and most profoundly, our healing.

When we fail to have compassion for ourselves, when we fail to look in the mirror – meet our own eyes and say “I love you”, when we constantly see ourselves in what we aren’t; when we wear our ‘failures’ as the signature flags of who we are; when we view the beauty of our selves in the limited sphere of parts that need changing …..We are filling ourselves with toxins.

Toxic thoughts damage us in a way that is difficult to repair. There is no ‘magic pill’ for diseased words repeated inside our own heads.

Yet, I do believe there is a cure. And you don’t have to go at it alone.

Part of being a holistic provider is seeing, believing, supporting and encouraging the whole you- and that includes reminding you of your worth- that you are priceless. That you are lovable.

That you deserve love and it begins- with you.

You are so much more than a sum of your parts.

Your health care should be too.


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