Resolutions Need a Boost? Choose Integrative Health Care at Nature Cures Clinic!


2646438199_b309cffd65Isn’t it crazy how fast time seems to pass?  Summer is here then gone – fall and winter blend together and before you know it there are buds coming out on the trees and spring is here!  We think we have all the time in the world because we have 6 months stretched out before us, and then – poof! – it’s gone.  It’s something to think about when you have a summer event coming up that you want to look and feel your best for…say a family reunion? Or a wedding?  Your good health and vibrancy is often a progressive endeavor and to do it right requires desire, discipline and most importantly – time.   The most common cause of stress for people is toxicity in the body.  Environmental pollutants, food allergies, pharmaceutical meds and even too many unnecessary supplements can create significant imbalance in the body resulting in hormone imbalance, brain fog, fatigue, irritability and overall lack of feeling good.  Most of us have experienced these symptoms and have had the thought “I should feel better than this” or commonly “I’m way too young to feel this way.”

You’re right!  And we can help!  But you have to decide to start….

How to start? We recommend that everyone do a supervised liver detoxification at least twice a year. Incorporating Infrared Sauna therapy is a fabulous addition to any detox as a way to remove heavy metals from the body – one of the most effective and pleasant ways to do this!  Further, If you haven’t taken the time to find out what potential food allergies you have then we recommend that as a vital part of any comprehensive detox and weight loss program.  Food intolerance is a major source of imbalance and consequent weight gain – this information is so important!

Finally – and very importantly – you need to know where your opportunities are at the beginning.  Having a thorough health exam by a primary care practitioner should be your number one priority!  We offer a truly integrative health care service by having our own Certified Nurse Midwife in the clinic, Sarieah Macdonald, who will provide you with the foundation of knowledge you need in order to take charge of your health.  If you haven’t been in for awhile or haven’t had blood work, now is the time to schedule in with your provider, we’d love to see you and continue to ensure you are maintaining at optimal wellness.