A midwife at NCC?

As a new provider at Nature Cures Clinic, and the only non-naturopath or acupuncturist, one might wonder how exactly a certified nurse midwife nurse practitioner will fit in, after all is NCC going to be delivering babies now?

I love it when people ask me that, as it gives me the opportunity to explain that while some nurse midwife nurse practitioners only work with pregnant women and catch their babies, others- like me- do much, much more than that. And we do it very much aligned with naturopathic philosophy.

In fact, the two professions (nurse midwives and naturopaths) are the most aligned in all of the medical world with nurse midwives having as a core of their philosophy the importance of providing holistic health care to women!

In keeping with that model, I provide holistic primary (i.e. overall) and reproductive health care to women (and some men).

This means, I diagnose, treat and manage the primary health care needs of women, as well as any specific reproductive ones.

What does that mean, you may ask… It means that I provide care for:

Anything that would take a woman to any other provider (urgent care, physician, nurse practitioner, etc..):

– sore throat, cough, sinus pain, chest cold, difficulty sleeping/insomnia, strange rash, headache,  weight loss/gain, thyroid imbalance, muscle pains, etc..

AND/or anything you would take to a gynecologist:

– difficulty with your period, birth control needs/problems,  fertility    concerns, hot flashes, strange discharge, infection, irritation, vaginal pain, etc…

AND/or anything related to relational/sexual health:

– puberty changes, menopausal changes, difficulty with intercourse,    conception, questions about development, preventative health, sex education, relational concerns , sexuality, sex dysfunction, etc..

I provide care that supports the WHOLE person, because I believe true women’s health care is far more than a ‘once-a-year gyn’ visit.

When you schedule a visit, I talk with you, listen to you, take the time to get to know you to provide individualized care based on who you are and what you need.  I provide therapeutic and holistic care based on relationships, which makes me very much at home at NCC!

Schedule a free half-hour ‘meet and greet’ today to see if you are a good fit for midwifery care!