Braised Chicken Thighs in Poblano Cream Sauce

chicken thigh


4 pounds chicken thighs

1 quart bone broth

2 bay leaves

1 Tbs. salt

2 Tbs. ghee



Melt butter in skillet over med-high heat and place the thighs, skin side down,  into skillet to brown . Add bay leaves, salt and broth, cover and allow to braise over medium heat about 30-40 minutes until tender

Add sauce to the pan and cook an additional 10 minutes.


Poblano Cream sauce



8 poblanos, roasted, skins removed and seeded

2 onions, sauté sliced

3 star anise

3 bay leaves

1 can coconut milk

`1 Tbs ghee

Salt to taste



Melt butter in sauté pan and gently caramelize onions. Add coconut and spices (wrapped in cheese cloth, one little packet) and bring to a light simmer and allow to reduce about 15 minutes until thickened and the cream is infused with the flavor of the spices


Remove the spice pouch and pour the infused cream and cooked vegetables into a blender and puree. Remember that this mix will be hot and hot things expand in the blender. So cover the lid with a towel and hold it firmly in place BEFORE turning on your blender.



Photo courtesy flickr