Why Cleanse?

That question is one we get a lot and the answer is as complex as we humans are!

The medical reasons to cleanse, from naturopathic perspective, are to support detoxification. Yet, we also know that they are good ways to lose weight, restore energy and improve mood.

We don’t recommend cleanses done without the support and consultation of medical providers, so if you are thinking about a cleanse (for any reason) we invite you to come in and talk it over with one of our specialists.

The cleanse that we use, Isagenix,  comes in two flavors – Vanilla and Chocolate. It comes as a cleanse kit, with a shake, drinks, and snacks. That said, we sell a lot of the shakes separately to people who use it as a quick meal replacement (many nurses love it for their long shifts!) and a “smoothy shake snack”. We have found that kids particularly love the shakes as they really are delicious and we stand behind their ingredients appropriate for those on many special diets!