Building a Supportive Network for Those with Post-Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Often I see patients suffering from post-concussive and post-TBI syndromes that have been told by their physicians that there’s nothing more they can do.  One or two years have passed, and their chronic condition is just something they should accept and learn to live with.

I’m offering a different message.  CONTINUE FOCUSSING ON THE HEALING!!  There are many ways to support your nervous system and improve brain function.  Some of my best results have come with patients that are two plus years post-injury.

The brain is constantly reorganizing and regenerating the terrain.  Think of a map where city lines are defined by activity, business, and the amount of people moving into the area.  If a city like Portland, Oregon is desirable, people move there and the city grows.  As a result it takes up more space on the map.  The brain works in a similar way.  What you focus on, your daily activities and repetitive movements and thoughts, all define your brain map.  If you are focussing on specific exercises that generate more balance, more cross-hemispheric integration, the brain will respond by appropriating more space for these functions.  As a result these skills improve.

There are other factors affecting this growth process.  Just like a growing city, the brain must have the building blocks necessary to create the infrastructure for growth.  That is why you must include NUTRITION as part of a brain-restorative program.  The combination of FOCUS and ATTENTION together with the right balance of NUTRIENTS results in the restoration of FUNCTION.

If you are not seeing restoration of function, then continue looking for guidance in your rehabilitation process.

Here at Nature Cures Clinic, in downtown Portland, we have an extensive Brain Recovery Program involving many modules of care, including nutrition, acupuncture, IV nutrient support and Qi Gong.  I’m seeing excellent results with patients immediately after injury as well as with chronic recalcitrant cases of post TBI and post concussive syndrome.  Acupuncture provides relief for pain, muscle spasticity, mood disorders, and insomnia.  Qi Gong offers movement exercises to generate better balance and cross-hemispheric integration.  IV nutrition allows us to bring therapeutic doses of antioxidants and metabolic support directly to the brain to assure it has the building blocks for growth and healing of neurons.

My hope is that more people with traumatic brain injury (TBI) know about these options for recovery.

I’m currently building a network of practitioners in the Portland area dedicated to generating more awareness of rehabilitation options for patients with TBI.   Practitioners, please contact me to discuss a cross-referral network in the greater Portland area.