Acupuncture and Detoxification

by Anne Carruth,  Licensed Acupuncturist


10 bucks says your body needs help detoxing.

How could it not?  Our food and water are laden with hormones  and chemical by-products.  The air we breath is discolored by pollutants.  Our homes are “cleaned” with products requiring rubber gloves for safe handling.   We slather our bodies in lotions, soaps, and shampoos made of substances we can’t pronounce.  And as our little organs run a rat race managing this toxic load, what do we do in return?  We stay up late, skip meals,  load up on caffeine to face our stressful lives, hit the drive-thru, nuke a Lean Cuisine, spend sedentary HOURS in front of our computers and TVs, and pop pills when our bodies cry out for help.  In short, we continually consume and expose ourselves to toxins, and lead lifestyles that impair many of our natural detoxification pathways.   An essential part of any healing process is reducing the body’s toxic load, and what better way to do this than by indulging in some acupuncture.

Acupuncture affects detoxification in 2 important ways:

1. Because acupuncture addresses Qi flow and movement within the body, it affects how toxins are moved in and out of our systems. For example, a sluggish intestinal tract allows toxins to hang out in your body longer than they should.  Acupuncture can target this weakness, and encourage your intestines to get moving.  Thus, acupuncture can be used to focus on and support those body systems that aren’t pulling their weight in the detoxification process.

2. If you’ve ever done a cleanse or detox diet, you probably know that unpleasant side effects often pop up as your body purges toxins.  Headaches, fatigue, irritability, flu-like symptoms…all are normal indications that your body is cleansing itself, yet they make the process pretty miserable.  Acupuncture is fantastic for reducing such symptoms, and making detoxification more comfortable.

As you embark on your cleansing journey or  New Year’s resolutions, be mindful of the toxic load your body encounters each day.  Consider incorporating acupuncture into your detox plan.   I can’t think of a more self-indulgent, yet powerful, means of enhancing detoxification and your overall health.