My latest dessert addiction!

Those who know me well, know that my cooking style is more fit for a campfire than a kitchen.   I’m a one-skillet kind of gal.  I select my ingredients based on what’s in the fridge, warm up the cast iron, and simmer away.  Skillet + oil + meat + veggies = Anne food.  Same basic formula, different ingredients, meal after meal.  When I tire of this, I toss everything into my Vitamix, and then into

a giant soup pot.  Viola!  “Compost stew”, as my dad has kindly dubbed it.  I’m immune to recipes, timers, measuring spoons, and other shiny kitchen tools.

My point is that I keep it simple.  Really simple.  Admittedly, my meals can get boring, but what I sacrifice in originality, I compensate for in nourishment.  Desserts can get tricky, though.  I have a huge sweet tooth, but strongly limit sugar, dairy, and grains.  Thus, I’ve had to get creative.  My most recent dessert kick has been avocado pudding.  This may be a generous description for my green mash – there are recipes out there for avocado pudding that is far more decadent and labor-intensive – but my simple,  free-form version hits the spot.

1/2 Avocado

Simply take half of an avocado, mash it up in its convenient little skin-bowl, add a little honey, and enjoy.

If I’m feeling frisky, I’ll add cinnamon, a pinch of cayenne and salt, and a little vanilla extract, but the honey alone is more than sufficient.   This lovely little cup will satiate you sugary, fatty cravings, without the refined carbohydrate fog that follows most desserts.  And if you mix it in the skin, your only cleanup is washing that single spoon!  Gotta love camp-style food.  Not surprisingly, sliced avocado with a little honey drizzled over it is also delicious (for you classier folk).