Winter Health Tips

It’s been just about a year since a major winter storm hit the Northwest. While we’re crossing our fingers that we won’t be tromping through a foot and a half of snow this holiday season, it’s better to be prepared for the worst. You can stave off a number of weather-related illnesses and conditions with a bit of prevention.

Your overall health is our utmost concern, and as always, we recommend taking steps throughout the season to boost your immunity to colds, flu, and other seasonal disorders. Our articles on the importance of vitamin D and naturopathic prevention of swine flu are a good place to start.

On top of that, there are many things you can do to foster a healthy home environment. As with your health, preparation and prevention is key to staying healthy and safe this winter. So spend some time checking your emergency supplies. Stock your home with non-perishable food and water, as well as a first aid kit. Have a backup plan in place, should the power go out and you need to heat your home.

If you’re going to be driving during the winter, be sure your car is in proper working order. Check your antifreeze level, the air pressure in your tires, and replace any worn tires. Carry chains, blankets, food and water in your car even if you are not going on a long trip. As we learned from last year’s winter storm, icy, snowy conditions can happen at a moment’s notice, and you don’t want to get stranded with no supplies. Even in the relatively-mild Northwest, hypothermia and frostbite are very real conditions, so do what you can to prevent them from happening to you.

If you do find yourself with one of those conditions, we are here to help! The practitioners at Nature Cures Clinic can help you prepare your body and mind for a healthy winter — all you have to do is set up an appointment today.