New Year’s Resolution: Join the Nature Cures Clinic group cleanse!

Welcome to the Nature Cures Clinic Group Cleanse and Elimination Diet Program – A program designed to address the most common causes of chronic health issues.

We’ve found that the underlying causes of many of our patients’ health problems are due to toxins in the system. Toxins are not just what we take in from our environment through food, cleaning agents, water and air – but can be created internally too from hormone imbalances, food allergies and stress.

To address these issues we’ve designed a program that combines the benefits of a metabolic cleanse with the Elimination Diet – allowing you to get the most from both efforts by 1) detoxing the liver (and thereby “cleaning the slate” for the elimination diet to be most effective) and 2) using a 9-day cleanse the first week of the elimination diet, which cuts down on the amount of time you are on the diet!

It’s easy as 1…2…3!

Step One – Our physicians developed the 9-day metabolic cleanse designed to eliminate toxins. It addresses four key problems; toxic overload, harmful overgrowth of bacteria, heavy metal toxicity and leaky gut syndrome. Benefits include increased energy, improved sleep, regulated hormones, decreased sugar cravings, weight loss, reduced pain and improved mood.

Step Two – The Nature Cures Clinic Elimination Diet.  For two weeks common food allergens are removed from the diet including all gluten-containing foods like wheat, rye, oats, and barley.  You will also be asked to avoid dairy, red meat, alcohol and caffeine.  This diet is designed to lessen the burden of toxicity on your system because a food that the body is allergic to is treated like a toxin and can create inflammation.

Step Three – Reintroduction period.  This is a three week systematic process of bringing back into the diet the foods that have been eliminated to determine which foods are causing reactions that lead to symptoms.

As added support for effectiveness and success we’ve included some other benefits as well, including:

· Three Orientation meetings throughout the program – one to introduce the program and receive your materials, a second one at the end of the elimination diet and the start of the reintroduction phase and a third meeting to review and celebrate your results.

· Three Acupuncture treatments for facilitating detox and elimination pathways

· Six gym passes and a consultation with a personal trainer to create your customized plan

This combined program of lectures, materials, treatments, personal trainer consult and gym visits has a value of over $1,000.  We are so committed to the health benefits you will receive from this, that we are offering this to our patients for a total price of $375.00!  A savings of $625.00, and a perfect start to a healthy 2010. Our January cleanse group will begin on January 7, so you must act soon.

Call today to register for this incredible offer, as our space is limited!

Call 503-287-4970 and ask for Maria, or, email to register.