New Breed of MDs: More like NDs

An article in the Washington Post this week tells how medical school programs are adapting their curriculum to include a more holistic approach to medicine – focused on the patient as a whole, and not just one particular ailment they might have. At Johns Hopkins University, medical students are now taught to analyze “genetic, environmental and socioeconomic factors” that contribute to the patient’s health.

We say it’s about time.

Naturopaths have been doing this type of care for decades – helping patients change their diets and behaviors to treat disease, in lieu of conventional treatments that suppress symptoms. We’ve seen people on dozens of medications at a time, and we’re happy when we can help them find ways to improve their health, without these potentially dangerous combinations of medications.

This new approach in conventional medical schools is a step in the right direction, and we are happy to see it happen. It confirms what naturopathic physicians have been saying for decades: the best treatment is to prevent the disease before it happens. Maybe, someday, those same medical schools will begin to recognize the fundamental role that diet and nutrients play in nutrition as well. Until then, you can count on naturopathic physicians to give those the attention they need.

If you’d like a wholistic approach to your symptoms, come and see us. We’ll provide you with care that looks at your nutritional, genetic, environmental and socioeconomic factors, long before that new breed of MDs ever graduates from med school.