Swine Flu Vaccination Information

There is one prominent fact about the current H1N1 vaccinations being promoted in the media and by virtually all conventional physicians: there is absolutely no evidence that the vaccination will prevent swine flu. Despite all the media and all the hype about this vaccination, there still is not one study that shows this vaccination will prevent even a single case of swine flu.

We believe every physician should inform their patients about this fact and let patients make informed decisions accordingly.

The decision to get – or not to get – a vaccination against the H1N1 virus rests with every individual. The decision should only be made on the basis of information, not on the basis of fear or pressure exerted by a physician. It is the responsibility of physicians to educate patients about health, disease and risks. It is the responsibility of patients to ask question, assess information, and make decisions based on that information.

One single fact should stands at the forefront of all discussion about the H1N1 vaccination: there is no evidence available – not a single piece of evidence – that the vaccinations being given now will prevent even a single case of swine flu. Not one shred of evidence. Individuals can decide for themselves if they want to get the vaccination, but they should not get the vaccination based on any evidence that it will work.

Headlines imply that the vaccination has been shown to be both safe and effective. But this is a stretch of the truth that comes very close to being outright deceitful. There has never been a population of vaccinated people exposed to the H1N1 virus to find out if the vaccination will prevent infection. Never. Not even once. Claims about efficacy are based upon the laboratory finding of a strong immune response seen in those who get the vaccination.

But to take another example, for the past decade there have been dozens of reports about experimental HIV vaccinations that elicit a strong immune response against HIV. However, none of them have actually been shown to prevent HIV infection. Simply demonstrating a strong immune response is not the same thing as being effective at preventing swine flu.

Regarding safety, it is without question that there are complications reported with the H1N1 vaccinations. An undisclosed number of people receiving the H1N1 vaccination have developed a condition called Guillain-Barré Syndrome. This is a progressive neurological disorder that leads to loss of function. It can resolve on its own in a few months to a year, or it can lead in rare cases to permanent disability or death.

Every physician should be educating their patients about these facts. The decision to vaccinate should always rest with the individual free from coercive pressure by their physician.

At Nature Cures Clinic we are strongly suggesting that people supplement with high doses of vitamin D throughout the flu season. It is the only substance that has been shown to actually prevent infection with the H1N1 virus upon exposure. This is not a published study, just a report. However, it is the closest anyone can get to an actual scientific study of how swine flu can be prevented.

Public health policy should be based on science, not on fear. The campaign to vaccinate against H1N1 is completely fear-based, and is using words like “effective” and “safe” as though there is evidence to support that. There isn’t. Those who would like a comprehensive plan to get through the winter months without problems can email the clinic or call us at 503-287-4970 to set up a consultation.

We should all do what we can to avoid the flu. Start by optimizing the best defense you have: your own immune system.