Naturopathic Prevention of Swine Flu

The mainstream media and most conventional physicians would have you believe that the only way to prevent swine flu is by getting a shot. Nonsense! Healthy immune systems have been protecting people from infectious diseases for many thousands of years. Our immune systems didn’t lose this ability in the last few decades, but the key is to have a healthy immune system.

There are basic facts about immunity and immune health that conventional physicians and public health institutions seem incapable of telling the public. Putting these facts together, it’s possible to have a good plan for preventing any kind of infection, including an infection with the H1N1 virus.

* Constant exposure to foods that provoke inflammation keep the body in a state of fatigue and immune dysregulation. The best way we’ve found to identify foods that devitalize you is the elimination/reintroduction diet process. It’s a cornerstone of optimizing immune health.

* Next to eating reactive foods, chronic stress is the most significant contributor to immune suppression and disease susceptibility. Stress reduction isn’t just about mental health; it is essential for physical health as well. Dr. Greg Nigh will be leading a class on stress reduction in the clinic for those interested.

* Specific nutrients are very well known to boost immunity against viruses (and bacteria!). These include vitamin C, zinc, and perhaps most importantly vitamin D. The list doesn’t stop with those three, of course, but at least these three should be adequate through the flu season and, in fact, year round.

Our medical system would have us all believe that we need new drugs or new vaccines or new technologies to stay health. Don’t believe it! Everyday at Nature Cures Clinic, we witness how people recover from both acute and chronic illnesses by getting back to basics: diet changes, stress reduction, regular movement and basic nutritional supplementation.

It’s not the kind of health care that is going to make any massive corporations lots of money. But it’s the kind of health care that will save you money and keep you actually feeling healthy.