Legumes: Healthy and Hearty

The summer clothes are packed in the back of the closet, the days are getting shorter, and colder weather is creeping in day by day. With winter on the way, many people find themselves wanting to cook heartier meals. Here at Nature Cures Clinic, we are committed to helping you eat healthy and stay well this winter. While it’s easy to pack on the pounds with empty calories this time of the year, there are ways to fill up, and look out for your health at the same time.

A great source of fiber–and hearty-ness–comes in the form of the legume. Not only do legumes fill the belly, but they can also play an important part in preventing chronic disease.

A study released this month by researchers in the Philippines shows legumes to be high in dietary fiber and minerals. Legumes also have a low glycemic index. On top of that, the study proved that consuming legumes can help people lower their cholesterol.

So what are some of the best legumes to eat, in terms of lowering cholesterol and raising mineral levels? The study says kidney beans are one of the highest in zinc and calcium, and one of the best legumes to lower cholesterol. Peanuts came in second in terms of lowering cholesterol, but were the lowest in mineral content among the legumes in the study. Lima beans have the highest iron content.

While we’ve just given you a few new reasons to cook up a mean batch of chili for tonight’s dinner, we at Nature Cures Clinic encourage you, as always, to eat a variety of foods–especially vegetables, fruit, protein and fiber. If need help developing a healthy diet plan, our practitioners are here to help. Call us at (503) 287-4970 to schedule a consultation.