Naturopathic Views on Diet and Nutrition

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Dr. Greg explain how our nutrition and diet affects things like inflammation, which has been linked to almost every chronic disease.  They will also discuss how you can eat in a way that will promote optimal digestion, an important component of a healthy body.

2 thoughts on “Naturopathic Views on Diet and Nutrition”

  1. Can you please talk more about diet and nutrition cure for pollen allergies. My daughter 2 year old has good allergies milk , peanut and eggs. We are keeping her on elimination diet but it has been hard as she I missing on basic foods. We recently discovered that she has allergy to Strawberry pollen when we went to do strawberry picking not sure how to work on diet for those kind of allergies

  2. Thanks for the request! In fact, next month we are going to be doing a series of articles, videos, and a cooking class on allergies and how nutrition can help. Stay tuned!

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