Support CROW Clothing

Portland visual artist, writer and speaker damali ayo is now also a clothing designer, and Nature Cures Clinic is thrilled to be supporting her new venture. CROW Clothing is a completely sustainable fashion line designed by damali. The clothing industry is notorious for its poor environmental record, its harsh working conditions and its heavy reliance on Third World labor…

CROW Clothing, though, is a thoroughly sustainable business, from the sourcing of the materials to the local hiring and production of the clothes and even the sustainable wage and benefits offered to employees of CROW.

Nature Cures Clinic has a program to help small businesses that can’t afford to purchase group insurance provide health care for employees. Through this program, all employees of CROW Clothing get affordable health care with the hope that damali’s vision for creating sustainable clothing will soon be the new standard for the industry.

Don’t miss the write-up about CROW Clothing that recently appeared in the magazine Redbook. And please check out her website and help support this local, sustainable business.