Plant Sterols, Fish Oil and Cardiovascular Disease

A combination of two supplements can significantly improve total
cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL and LDL. Published in the Journal of
Nutrition, this study looked at 60 individuals with elevated lipids.
Those individuals who were given a combination of plant sterols and
omega-3 oils experienced a significant improvement in their lipid
profiles. Specifically, their total cholesterol dropped by over 13%,
their triglycerides fell by 25%, their LDL (“bad”) cholesterol fell by
over 12% and their HDL (“good”) cholesterol rose by over 8%.

These are precisely the changes that physicians want to see for
lowering an individual’s risk of cardiovascular disease.

One thought on “Plant Sterols, Fish Oil and Cardiovascular Disease”

  1. I feel the effect immediately. I already have a good diet but eat a lot of animal products and am fairly active. I love cream and butter and eat massive quantities of olive oil. I am 54 and should be dead. I also smoke like a chimney and drink beer like a sailor. I can run circles around young people. I helped my 25 year old neighbor move into his house and he had to take frequent breaks. He also has a bad memory because I have not received my 6-pack he said I would get for helping him. Fish oil sterol advocate.

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