The Most Important Vitamin?

We’ve written before about the increasing amount of research on vitamin D. There are few nutrients that can claim the health benefits of this single vitamin.A study recently published in the Archives of Internal Medicine adds even more weight to the importance of this vitamin. Low blood levels of vitamin D have been correlated with everything from depression and diabetes to osteoporosis and allergies.

When 18 studies involving over 57,000 people were analyzed, those individuals who took vitamin D supplements had a significantly lower mortality rate than those who did not take vitamin D.

This report comes not long after a previous study which determined that getting adequate levels of vitamin D into the population would cut in half the number of cases of colon and breast cancer! It is astounding that news like this isn’t filling all the headlines in the country. It is difficult to imagine a cheaper, easier way for the health care bill of this country to be cut by billions of dollars annually.

Physicians at Nature Cures Clinic now routinely test vitamin D levels as part of routine blood work for patients. In addition to other diet and lifestyle changes, vitamin D is often included as part of a regular supplementation program. It is not uncommon to find that correcting a deficiency of vitamin D can have a dramatic and rapid impact on a wide range of chronic health complaints.

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