Ginkgo and MS

Diseases of the nervous system are dramatically on the increase. Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and others have been increasingly prevalent for the past decade, and the rise shows no signs of slowing.Unfortunately, there are essentially no therapies available to effectively halt or reverse the progre,ssion of these conditions.

A new study conducted at by the Department of Neurology at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) offers an encouraging treatment for at least one aspect of multiple sclerosis.

The small study compared the mental acuity of MS patients who were taking the herb ginkgo biloba with other MS patients who were taking no ginkgo. The finding was that the group taking ginkgo scored significantly better in testing. The difference between the two groups was described by the lead researcher as “comparable to differences in scores between healthy people ages 30 to 39 and those ages 50 to 59.”

Diseases of the nervous system are difficult to treat in part because there are so many different potential causes of those conditions. While the conventional medical world searches for specific genes or viruses that may be the single cause, naturopathically these conditions are thought of in a very different way.

The nervous system is very sensitive to environmental exposures. Everything from heavy metals and pesticides to electromagnetic fields and food additives can potentially interfere with the ability of the nervous system to effeciently transfer information between cells of the brain and body. A central component of addressing these conditions naturopathically might entail testing for heavy metal toxicity, hidden food reactions, environmental sensitivities, brain neurotransmitter imbalances or other tests.

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A comprehensive treatment plan for MS includes much more than just ginkgo biloba. It includes as many therapies as needed to achieve the goal: remove the cause and provide the tools needed for the body to heal itself.