Anti-bacterial Chemicals in our Water

Our society’s phobia of germs is coming back to haunt us.

A recent study conducted by the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health has found something unsettling in our water. Anti-bacterial chemicals have been added to soaps, tissues, detergents and other products for years. Apparently, though, no one considered what became of those chemicals once they were put in the garbage.

The chemical used to fight the germs, called triclocarban, has been in use for over 50 years. The use of the chemical has been on the rise, as more and more products are marketed as helping to “fight infections” or “prevent disease.” Actually, a significant amount of research indicates that exposure to these anti-bacterial products make us more susceptible to infections.

In order for our immune systems to fight off infections, it is important that we get exposed to germs, in low levels, in the course of our daily living. If our immune systems are not stimulated in this way over time, then when we finally get exposed to a large amount of germs, our immune systems may not be adequately prepared for the challenge.

Using anti-bacterial products may reduce the number of germs in the short term, but they may also lead to greater risk of infections in the long term. And now, the study from Johns Hopkins tells us that a full 60% of water sources in the United States are contaminated with triclocarban. Not only are we applying these chemicals to our hands and nose, but we’re drinking them as well.

No long term studies have been done to determine the health consequences of consuming triclocarban. Yet the concentration of this chemical in drinking water is 28 times higher than previously believed.

Resistance to infectious disease is not accomplished by sanitizing your environment. Rather, resistance is best addressed by keeping your immune system primed, and keeping a good supply of all the nutrients available so your body can respond as it needs. If you or someone you know is worried about the risk of infectious diseases or would like to know how to optimize their immunity, schedule a visit at Nature Cures Clinic by clicking on our New Appointments Page. The physicians at our clinic can provide you with an individualized, comprehensive treatment plan that fits your personal health goals.

Fighting germs with chemicals pollutes the environment for us all. Fighting germs through optimum immunity makes you and the environment a healthier place.